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2nd post, No Technology

My second post is here!  Can you believe it?!  Me either.  I figure that I am off to a good start though, being that it’s the second post in two days.  I can imagine that some people say, “Hey! I’m starting a blog, it’s going to be so interesting and everyone is always going to want to read it etc etc” and then they only post one thing.  Well, I beat all of those people and now am ahead of the game!  That’s probably because I got some good advice from some friends of mine, which was “Write a lot and write often”  Easy enough!

A situation popped into my head today at work after my co-worker had left her phone at home and posed this question, “Man, how did we ever survive without cell-phones?”  I sat on the question for a second and thought, “How did we?” and not only phones, technology in general.   We all seem to be ruled by the, tweet, the news feed, the profile and the status update.  I’m not saying that I’m not ruled by it either, hell I’m on my phone just as much as the next facebook addicted 20 something, but when the question is really thought about, it is kind of sad and depressing.  I mean I could only imagine what would happen if there was no technology at all; it would be a chaos and anarchy, but if it were to be for just one day, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.   A day without phones, computers, media, and TV sounds terrible for some people, but for some with an open mind, it could be one of the greatest days of their life.  There would be no plan. Everything would be played by ear and there would be no distractions from working on something productive or something artistic.  Maybe in a day without technology you’d find the quality time with family that you were looking for.  For myself, I know that I would most likely write for most of the day, go outside and enjoy/see the beauty of nature in a different way.  Yeah, that sounds sort of cheesy, but it’s the truth haha.  So I ask you, whoever is reading this blog, what would you do?  Would you be one to complain? or one who would enjoy a day free of tweets, ringtones, and status updates.  Let me know!  I’m actually curious.

Well this post is sort of not what I would normally want to write about, first it has pretty much nothing to do with my music or my writing and second, I’m rambling on about a situation that may never arise ever! Pretty swell if you ask me!

Now it’s time to start thinking about the next one… hmmm…






Mark? Start a blog? What?!

Yeah the title may be exactly what you are all thinking, that’s pretty much my reaction too.  Usually people start a blog when there life seems pretty interesting and society has a yearning to find out what that persons life is all about.  Reading about details, facts, fun stuff that can make the reader want to live vicariously through the writers words.  Well I can tell you that as of right now, my life is probably not that exciting or interesting and it may be a little like yours, I work a day job, I live in a house in Nashville TN,  I play 5 instruments, I sing, play in bands, record and write music, and I aspire to be a famous artist.  See?  That is not much different than any other average American 23 year old.

I started this blog because well, honestly, I was told it would help me in my career.  How?  No clue yet, but I’ll do almost anything (almost) to get my face, name, and music out there to lovely readers and listeners!

Also, in future blogs, I will post songs and write about what they mean to me, and why I wrote them.  Maybe not every song, I like to leave some songs up for interpretation, but most of them are so straight forward anyways, it’s not too hard to figure out who, or what I am writing about ha-ha.

Well this being the first post I’d like to say, thanks for joining me in my adventures and I’ll be doing my best to keep this all up to date.  Now, if only I can link this all to Facebook, twittter, myspace, ourstage…..

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